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How Greater Connectivity Can Transform Forklift Service & Maintenance

Imagine a world where your forklift tells you or your operator when there is a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. Or the forklift automatically takes steps to prevent an issue from becoming more severe – and most likely, more expensive to fix. Better yet, imagine the service technician shows up at your facility to fix your forklift before you realize there is a problem. The technician arrives understanding the issue and armed with the right part to make the repair, or a software update is delivered directly to the forklift to resolve the issue and shared with the rest of the fleet. This is the promise greater connectivity brings to your service and maintenance programs. While we as an industry have not yet reached this point, there are major strides being made to create this connected experience. The connected service technician There is a growing breed of service technicians, armed with new technology and increased connectivity, that is helping mak
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BASEC Medium Voltage CableTesting Solution

Efficient power networks are driven by the reliable transmission of energy. The cabling infrastructure is a core component to ensuring electricity is transported safely and effectively throughout the distribution networks. Watch the medium voltage video below to discover how cable products that have been tested by a third party, such as BASEC, support higher levels of efficiency throughout the infrastructure and validates cable conformity to industry standards medium voltage power transmission compliance cable testing.

Jason Zhang High Voltage Test Equipments For Vacuum, SF-6 And Oil Switch

Switch characteristic tester is a special instrument developed by the company to meet the needs of various high-voltage switch action characteristics tests, and can accurately measure various oil grades such as less oil, more oil, vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride , etc. Mechanical dynamic characteristics of high voltage circuit breakers. For circuit breakers ( like this ) with closing resistors, the closing resistor and switching waveform can be accurately measured. The instrument adopts large-screen display, Chinese characters prompt man-machine dialogue operation, Chinese characters display results and printout, with intelligent, multi-function, accurate data, strong anti-interference, simple operation, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, etc. Product Features It is applicable to SF6 switch, GIS combined electrical appliance, vacuum switch and oil switch of all models of metal contact produced at home and abroad. Linear travel sensor and rotary sensor are easy to